About Us


Blue Milk & Honey was founded by skincare enthusiasts Danielle. Danielle had a mission to create an all-natural, safe and effective hair removal product for her sisters and friends. She always said, “What goes on your skin gets absorbed into your body” and formulated her products with ingredients that made both her self and Mother Nature happy.

Sugar waxing is a way of hair removal that comes from the Middle East, as far back as the ancient Egyptian times, waxing was used and derived from natural sources to beautify the skin. Sugar wax is appropriate for waxing eyebrows, hands, toes, back, belly, breasts, armpits, arms, legs, Brazilian, and bikini line.

Blue Milk & Honey strives to keep that same ease and simplicity in beauty today. Each of our products contains passion, dedication and hard work.

Blue Milk & Honey's Sugar Body Wax is the best method to remove excess hair. No special knowledge or experience is required. Simply follow the instructions and benefit from being hair-free, silky and smooth for up to 8 weeks. It is our pleasure to continue providing trusted products that make both your skin and Mother Nature happy.

All of our products are completely cruelty-free!😊

Blue Milk & Honey does not conduct or commission any animal testing of our ingredients or finished products.

Sincerely yours,

Blue Milk & Honey