Bikini Firm Sugar Wax
Bikini Firm Sugar Wax
Bikini Firm Sugar Wax
Bikini Firm Sugar Wax
Bikini Firm Sugar Wax

Bikini Firm Sugar Wax

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Wrap your skin in our most novel sugaring paste. It will remove fine to coarse hairs, leaving your skin feeling silky smooth even during the harsh winter months.

Firm/Medium sugar wax is a softer alternative to hard wax. This innovative texture is a bit firmer than soft caramel candy and can be used with or without a fabric strip.

Blue Milk & Honey's exclusive firm sugaring wax is best for those who prefer something in-between traditional soft and hard sugar waxes. While the texture is softer than a hard wax, it still can be used like hard wax until it warms to your body temperature, then you can use it as a soft wax.

Try out our firm sugar wax. Loved for its versatility. 

8fl oz - 16 fl oz

Step 1: Clear area of oils and moisturizers.

Step 2: Apply a thin layer of powder to keep the area dry and oil-free.

Step 3: Apply a layer of wax in the opposite direction of hair growth.

Step 4: Pull wax off in the same direction of hair growth.


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***Due to high demand there may be a 1-2 day delay on some orders. We are increasing our staff to accommodate. Thank you so much for your continued support as we work towards getting back to normal💗***

Bikini Firm Sugar Wax
Bikini Firm Sugar Wax
Bikini Firm Sugar Wax

Customer Reviews

Based on 76 reviews
mama garcia

i love this sugar wax! it’s amazing best thing ever

Shannon Sheffer
Never shaving again

It hurts like a mother on my bikini area but boy does it look so much bette than shaving. Smooth, no razor bumps, not red. Easy to use unless you’re a chicken like me to rip.

Auja Stahl
Girl buy it now

Listen..... buy it. There’s nothing about this that you will regret. I’ve been getting Brazilians for almost a year now and this is so much better. Almost painless and not hard to use once you get the hang of it. Only takes doing one leg to get a good sense on how to use it

Miranda Jud

I’ve tried the hard wax and medium wax now and have loved both! I do prefer the medium wax because it doesn’t need to be microwaved and is much easier to work with, but both have left my legs smooooooth and refreshed!

Toni Emrich
No product

It is saying that my product has been received but I have no received it.

Need to try again for better results?

Unfortunately it didn’t do much for me the first round. I followed the instructions correctly but it maybe? removed some hair on the bikini line but not as much as I wanted. I tried a total of three times in one session and it was still the same result. I tried once with my hands, which was a fail and then again with the given strips which I find helps grip better—somewhat. I do like the consistency and that it is much easier to remove than other waxes. I will try again with some cornstarch to see if that is of any difference? Right now it’s kinda a disappointment though. 1 star for the design. 2 stars — The temp holds pretty well with my desired texture; I used the microwave and 3 stars — for being able to rinse off quickly when i decided to just give up for the day lol.