Sugaring 101 - What is Sugaring

Sugaring 101 - What is Sugaring

When you mention "hair removal," we only think of waxing and shaving.  And it's very understandable because sugaring is new in the states.

Sugaring is becoming popular because it balances traditional waxing procedures and regular shaving.

Today, you'll learn how to sugar like a pro, with answers to common questions you may have.

So, without much ado…

Should I Trim Before Sugaring (2020)

Should I Trim Before Sugaring (2020)

Should I Trim Before Sugaring?

You've done it! You've ordered all of the products needed to perform a sugaring treatment on your legs, armpits, or any and all areas of your body that produce hair! You're very excited to shed your winter coat until you realize...it really does look like you have a winter coat. Polar bears have nothing on you.

When it comes to the length of your body hair, just how long is too long?

In preparation for a sugaring treatment, hair that...