Sugaring 101 - What is Sugar Waxing?

Sugaring 101 - What is Sugar Waxing?

When you mention "hair removal," we only think of waxing and shaving.  And it's very understandable because sugaring is new in the states.

Sugaring is becoming popular because it balances traditional waxing procedures and regular shaving.

Today, you'll learn how to sugar like a pro, with answers to common questions you may have.

So, without much ado…

What is Sugar Waxing?

Sugaring is an organic hair removal technique that uses a paste-like substance.

It generally consists of 3 simple ingredients: sugar, lemon, and water.

Sugar is less painful than wax because of the application process.

It's applied in the reverse direction of hair growth and pulled out in the opposite direction.

Also, it's applied at room temperature, so it doesn't burn or irritate your skin.

Where Can I use Sugar Wax?

Sugar wax is perfect for every part of the body, and bikini lines.

It's also very simple to use.

Follow the instructions below, and you'll be hair-free and smooth for up to 8 weeks.

How to Apply Sugar Wax and Paste Like a Pro

#1. Exfoliate

Exfoliate your skin 24-48hrs before sugaring. You can use DIY coffee scrubs; they're nice, coarse, and almost perfect for any skin type.

If you have Keratosis pilaris (chicken skin), you may need to free your hair for sugaring.

You can use a fiber brush or hair extraction tool to free your hair from the dead follicles.

Keratosis pilaris or Chicken Skin is a skin condition that causes rough patches and small, acne-like bumps on the skin. It's common with dry skins.

#2. Clean

After your shower on the sugaring day, use a clarifying toner to clear the skin of any residual oil or lotion.

Important:  Sugar doesn't stick on oil or lotion, so don't miss this part.

#3. Dry

Use baby powder or just cornstarch to absorb excess moisture from the toner or sweat.

#4. Evaluate

Evaluate your skin for the direction of hair growth. It's different for different parts of the body, so you have to be specific.

You can notice the pattern by just looking.

But if you're not quite sure, gently brush your fingers over the area of your skin and observe the direction you feel the most resistance.

That's the direction you want to apply your sugar wax.

#4. Apply

You can apply sugar wax through different techniques. Still, the principle is the same: mold in the opposite direction against hair growth.

Here are a few ways you can apply sugar wax:

  • Using your hands
You can use your palm, but I suggest using a glove since you want to do it like a pro.
Plus, it makes the process a lot easier.
So warm your sugar wax to room temperature or knead.
Use your three main fingers to collect and control the wax.
Mold the sugar two to three times in the opposite direction against hair growth to mold the sugar into the hair.
Make sure you're pressing the sugar into your skin to melt into the pores. This is very important because sugaring uproots the hair from the root.
Apply some pressure when you're removing the sugar. And make sure you hold your skin, so it's taut or tight to avoid bruising.


  • Using as a strip wax
This method is less messy than using your fingers.
The first step is to heat the sugar until you can consistently spread it over your skin.
Spread the sugar very thin; you should be able to see your hair quite easily.
Use a wax strip to grab and pull the sugar off.
You can always switch it for a clean one or use a reusable wax strip for the best experience.


Is Sugar Waxing Better Than Traditional Waxing?

Yes! And there are several reasons for that.

First, it's gentle on sensitive skin because it sticks to the hair and not the skin.

Also, it's 100% organic and cruelty-free.

That's not all.

As I've already stated, sugaring mild on the skin, unlike traditional waxes.

It sticks to the hair and is easy to pull off when it dries, but waxing sticks to skin and hair.

Pulling wax is a nightmare.


Does Sugaring Work on Coarse Hair?

Yes, sugaring works on coarse hair, but the effectiveness depends on the thickness.

Sugaring comes in two types:

"Sugar wax" which is thicker, and;

"Sugar paste" which is lighter

You can remove coarse hair once with sugar wax, and twice or more with paste.

The good news is that you can sugar your skin several times in a single-use, which is not possible with traditional wax.

So, no matter how long or coarse your hair is, sugaring can give you a smooth feel.

If your hairs are long, and you want to sugar once, trim it down to 1/4."


Can Sugaring Remove Hair Permanently?

No. But you can use it frequently to weaken the hair follicles. This way, your hair will grow slowly, thinner, and spaser.

Sometimes, it ends up not growing at all.



Sugaring is becoming popular by the day because it's simple and natural. Almost anyone can apply sugar wax like a pro with a little guide.

Use this guide and leave us a comment on how you performed the first time.

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