should I trim before sugaring

Should I Trim Before Sugaring?

Should I Trim Before Sugar Waxing?

You've done it! You've ordered all of the products needed to perform a sugaring treatment on your legs, armpits, or any and all areas of your body that produce hair! You're very excited to shed your winter coat until you really does look like you have a winter coat. Polar bears have nothing on you.

When it comes to the length of your body hair, just how long is too long?

In preparation for a sugaring treatment, hair that is at least 1/4th -1/2th inches long is usually the gold standard. How long is 1/4th inches, you ask? Think of a grain of rice. It's about that long. You may think that's pretty long when it comes to body hair, but you don't want your hair to be too short when you start a sugaring treatment. The hair needs to be long enough to be gripped by a waxing strip so that it can be pulled out with more ease.

The length of body hair can actually factor into how painful sugaring will or won't be.

Degrees of Pain

In comparison to waxing, sugaring is generally considered less painful. Sugaring doesn't pull at the skin the way waxing does. Sugaring attaches to the hair only and that guarantees a more gentle extraction.

Hair that is too long, however, can be quite painful to remove when it comes to sugaring treatments. Therefore, trimming is definitely recommended for a smoother process and result. It is suggested that about a week's worth – 7 to 10 days – of hair growth is the perfect amount of growth for a relatively gentle and painless sugaring session.

How to Trim Body Hair

Trimming body hair can be as simple as using a pair of scissors. You would simply use the scissors to cut your hair growth down to a manageable length before a using any of the Blue Milk & Honey products or any other sugaring brand.

Using an electric trimmer is also an option when trimming body hair.

Whether you use a pair of scissors or an electric trimmer to manage your body hair depends on what you personally prefer. Some people prefer scissors because they consider them the easier and cheaper option. There's also no risk of pain. With an electric trimmer, you may have to worry about small cuts or razor burns. Trimmers also tend to tangle in hair that is too long and pulls at your skin. With scissors, the only con is that the trimming job may take a little longer.

If you decide that electric trimmers are your preference, there are many product and brand options available. Just find the right one for you and cut all of those thick, lengthy hairs right down to size.

Preparation for a Sugaring Treatment

In conclusion, a full step-by-step preparation for sugaring would look something like the following:

  1. Exfoliate your skin. Exfoliation is the removal of dead skin skills that lay on the outer layer of your skin. There are many ways to exfoliate; you have to figure out the correct way for your specific skin type. But using a good exfoliating brush is always a good start.

  2. Don't moisturize. Moisturizing with creams and lotions can interfere with how well hairs can be gripped onto. This can make sugaring less effective.

  3. And as it was stated above...Trim! Hair shouldn't be too short or too long. Too short and what's the point? Too long and the sugaring treatment may be too painful and all hairs may not be able to be extracted.

So there you are. Take those tips as you will and then enjoy the smooth, silky sensation of a body well-groomed!

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