DIY Sugaring | How To Do Your Own Sugaring? (2020)

Many of us hear about waxing from a very young age. Waxing is used for a comedic scene in many romantic comedies like Miss Congeniality and The 40-Year-Old Virgin. I remember watching What Women Want when I was a pre-teen and laughing at Mel Gibson hopping around and screaming out his pain while trying to wax his legs.

Sugaring, most of us usually don't hear about until much later. Maybe that's changing in current times because sugaring seems to be becoming more popular but waxing is still the more known of the two hair removal treatments.

Regardless of its status as a late bloomer, however, sugaring has been around since as early as 1900 BC. Ancient people loved it. And why shouldn't they? Sugaring is so easy and convenient that it can be done at home.

Skip the fancy spas and the hemorrhaging of money all for the sake of some smooth legs. Get the same results while relaxing on your couch after a nice bath. I'll tell you how.


Cost of Sugaring

Going to a spa to get your body hair sugared can be costly. The cost of a treatment depends on the areas that you're getting waxed. If you're getting a small area like your brows sugared, then the treatment will probably be somewhere in the $10-$20 range. If you're getting your legs sugared, the cost can spike up into the hundreds.

That's why sugaring at home is the better option.

For a sugar treatment at home, you can use products that you probably already have in your kitchen cupboard (i.e. sugar, water, and lemon juice) to create your own sugaring mixture. Or you can order affordable products like the Blue Milk and Honey Brazilian Hard Sugar Wax – only $34 – and sugar any area you choose without having to pull out a calculator or factor in new fees.


How to Sugar at Home

Doing your own sugaring can be pretty simple.

First, you want to make sure that your body hair is the right length. Hair that's about 1/4th inches long is perfect. Any shorter, and you may have difficulty grabbing the hairs with your mixture and fabric strips. Any longer, and the process may be more painful and less effective.

You also want to make sure that your skin is clean but that it doesn't have any lotions or oils on the surface. A good time to start the sugaring process would be after a nice bath or a hot shower. Just make sure that you dry your skin well beforehand.

The next thing you'll want to do is to take some of the sugaring product and place it on your skin. The sugar used for waxing is gummy and tacky. Don't expect it to be like a sticky liquid. It's more like a piece of sticky putty. Spread the putty against the direction your hair is growing in. If the sugar pulls your skin, you have too much moisture on the area you're trying to remove hair from. Feel free to use powder to help dry the area.

When you prepare to strip the sugar away from your skin, either on its own or with the use of a fabric strip, make sure to hold your skin taut. This will reduce pain. And pull the strip away in the direction of hair growth.

Apply the sugaring product against the direction of hair growth; pull the sugaring product away in the direction of hair growth.

You can use the same strip of sugaring product until it loses its adherence and won't stick to your skin anymore.

When you're finished, give aftercare to the parts of your body that you sugared. Wipe them with warm water, lotion them, exfoliate them. Do whatever you need to do to prevent possible irritation or ingrown hairs.

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